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Strategic Overview

Our Vision

A prosperous New Zealand led by a vibrant technology industry.

Our Purpose

We help New Zealand technology businesses to succeed by encouraging talent, increasing knowledge, creating connections and influencing policy.

Core strategic values

  • Growing skills and talent for a strong future
  • Supporting business growth and export capabilities
  • Creating a vibrant future with government

Our 2014/15 work programme

Our activities are aligned with our strategic values, what we term our ‘key pillars’. 

Our theme for this financial year is to influence policy strategically and diversify revenue streams to ensure the full potential of NZTech can be realised. In addition to our standard activities for members, we will:

  • Capitalise on election year for great focus from media and politicians on policy matters.
  • Invest in strategic thinking for diversification of revenue streams.
  • Continue to engage and strengthen relationships with influencers and stakeholders across government and agencies.
  • Continue momentum on business growth and support for export growth.
  • Introduce activities to encourage more students to choose 'ICT' as a career.