Advancing the interests of the tech sector and the benefits of New Zealand being a world tech leader.

Technology helps drive our economy and NZTech exists to help the sector grow, and in doing so, to increase New Zealand’s economic prosperity.

As one of New Zealand’s largest industry sectors, technology enables most other sectors and creates growth and jobs. For every new tech job created 5 new jobs are created in other sectors.

The technology industry’s agenda is focused on education, skills and talent; business and export growth; and guiding and supporting the government’s technology decisions.

Creating New Jobs

For each new tech job created, five additional local jobs are created outside of the tech sector.

Moretti, UC Berkeley; 2012

Actions & Policy

Strategic Focus Areas

Strategic Projects

Funding sources


NZTech has completed a national economic research project to answer the question “How important is technology for New Zealand’s economy?” The project assessed the economic impact of the broad tech sector and the flow on effect to the rest of the economy.

Women in Technology


Research shows that gender balanced tech firms perform better financially, yet the tech sector has a very low participation rate by women. NZTech is focused on encouraging women to enter the sector and on advancing those in the sector toward senior roles.



The tech is growing fast and needs more skilled graduates to continue to grow. The skills gap will continue unless we are better able to forecast skill needs. NZTech is developing an ongoing skills requirements measurement and forecasting system.



To reduce the fragmentation of the sector NZTech is developing a national platform to bring together the many industry directories into one searchable and segmentable site. Creating sector, regional and company profiles of the countries many successful tech companies.



Technology is now critical for New Zealand’s future economic and social success. Yet there are very few opportunities for the senior decision makers from New Zealand’s largest firms and the Government to gather and collectively address the challenges and the opportunities that technology is bringing. NZTech’s Leaders Summits provide a stimulating environment for tech leaders to engage on critical subjects.

Our purpose


To increase the prosperity and well-being of all New Zealanders we must make strategic use of technology. NZTech is undertaking an ongoing series of strategic industry and government sessions to promote the development of a National Digital Strategy, a Ministry of Technology and a Government CTO.