What is FinTech?

Emerging FinTech is redefining the way we borrow, lend, save, spend, store and transfer money.  Disruptive technologies are revolutionising traditional financial services, creating opportunities for start up entrepreneurs and corporate innovators.

In Asia-Pacific, FinTech investment more than quadrupled in 2015 to $4.3b, making it the second biggest region for growth.  Global investment in the sector grew by 75 percent to $22.3 billion in 2015  (Source: Accenture)

Top FinTech sectors:

  • Blockchain transfers
  • Digital or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Insurance
  • Infrastructure
  • Markets and exchanges
  • Money and payments
  • Peer-to-peer lending, crowd funding and financing
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth and asset management

New Zealand has a diverse financial services industry and a thriving ecosystem for innovation.  However, there has until now, been no central place where participants can connect with each other to converse, learn, inform, explore, discover, share, voice common concerns, engage with regulators and connect with international communities.  In response to this growing need, in late 2016, NZTech convened a working group to establish a financial innovation and technology association with a view to bring together and grow the local community.  This association is FinTechNZ, launched in February 2017.


About FinTechNZ

New Zealand Financial Innovation & Technology Association (FinTechNZ) is here to help connect, promote and advance the trends shaping the FinTech ecosystem.

We are an industry working group of financial innovation and technology participants.  We aim to assist New Zealand innovators in becoming strong contributors in the FinTech revolution.

Our key purpose is to actively contribute to the prosperity of New Zealand through financial innovation.  We aim to helping New Zealand FinTech businesses succeed by providing a collaborative voice, creating connections, promoting FinTech to sector members, government, public and international community.  In supporting international growth we endeavour to advocate, attract and develop talent, with a view to increase export opportunities.  FinTechNZ also provides thought leadership for the FinTech sector.


FinTechNZ Information Memorandum

Please see the New Zealand Financial Innovation & Technology Association’s Information Memorandum here.

FinTechNZ Core Working Group

During the founding period (1 Jan 2017-30 June 2018) FinTechNZ is coordinated by the Core Working Group whose members are currently:

  • Mitchell Pham, Chair (Augen Software Group)
  • Graeme Muller (New Zealand Technology Industry Association)
  • Andrew Richardson (New Zealand Home Loans)
  • Binu Paul (Savvy Kiwi & Finnotec Conference)
  • Craig Kirk (Delta Insurance)
  • James Brown (Independent Professional)
  • Mandy Simpson (Cyber Toa)
  • Paul Deavoll (Spark New Zealand)
  • Paul Fulljames (Figron Group & Fintech.NZ online forum)
  • Peter Fletcher-Dobson (Kiwibank & FinTech Accelerator)
  • Poppy Haynes (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment)
  • Rob Old (Bank of New Zealand)
  • Stuart Christie (New Zealand Venture Investment Fund)
  • Will Cooper (Westpac)
  • Will Mahon-Heap (Equitise)


FinTechNZ – An NZTech Community

FinTechNZ operates as a focused tech sector community with the support of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech), the voice of the New Zealand technology industry.

NZTech enables an ecosystem of tech communities and helps members find ways of increasing their capabilities through access to talented staff, peer networking, experience sharing, exporting, keeping a close watch on government initiatives and working with many agencies here and overseas.

Join FinTechNZ and be connected to the wider NZTech communities.



Join the FinTechNZ community and gain the benefits of being part of this focused community.  For information on membership options visit Membership Information.