Education and the development of tech skills and talent is a core strategic focus area for NZTech as it is critical for the future prosperity of New Zealand.

Helping improve the education system through better use of technology whilst developing the skills & talent to support a growing tech sector.

There is a growing gap between the talent being produced and the needs of a rapidly expanding technology sector. A recent NZTech member survey suggests that the sector will require up to 10,000 people to fill new roles over the next three years.

According to the New Zealand government sector reports there are more than 124,000 people employed across the technology sector – ICT and hi-tech – but with annual growth rates exceeding any other sector the biggest challenge to maintain that growth is finding sufficient skilled and experienced talent.

This challenge requires a holistic approach ranging from improving the immigration of talent into the country, through to longer term actions to improve the education of Kiwi kids to increase the number of people entering the tech sector in the future.

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